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Monday, July 30, 2012

Malinalli Media Welcomes Youth Intern Nazshonnii Brown

For Immediate Release:

Malinalli Media Welcomes Youth Intern Nazshonnii Brown

Oakland, CA.: Malinalli Media is enthusiastic to announce the first Native Women’s Media Internship program and welcome local youth Baaahh-Nazshonnii Brown-Almaweri to our staff for this summer. We also would like to thank the American Indian Child Resource Center (AICRC) for extending this partnership and making this program possible in conjunction with Living by Sacred Colors.

The Malinalli Media Youth Intern is a Native American/First Nations woman who commits to serve 8 weeks as editor for the forthcoming Turtle Island to Abya Yala blog. The paid position involves crafting 1-2 feature interviews per month on any of the 60 plus contributing artists and writers in the anthology, through video production and written articles.

The recommended intern recently selected is seventeen years old and is of Navajo, Cherokee, Choctaw, Blackfoot, Apache, Creek, Hebrew Israelite, and Irish descent.  Her interests include poetry, performance, video making, engineering and community building.

As a peer educator, Brown has been working with other young Native women in the Daughters of Tradition at the AICRC for the past 3 years. She has also participated in various cultural classes including fancy shawl dance at the Intertribal Friendship House.

In Brown’s application she wrote, “...we live in a world where misrepresentation is accepted and conformity is encouraged...I believe it is very important for Native youth to know their origins. As a media intern, I will represent my Native peers and reflect the trueness of Native cultures and community.”

AICRC Youth Leadership Coordinator Ines Gardilcic commented, “Nazshonnii is an amazing young person—self motivated, responsible, creative, and caring. She has overcome many challenges in her life to become a leader in the community. When I first saw the call out for the Malinalli Media internship I thought immediately it would be a great opportunity for her to connect with other Native women while getting more experience in media making.”

A year and a half ago, Brown wrote the poem that follows entitled “Woman they need you,” which demonstrates her talent in storytelling and the influence of women in her life,

Woman the best creation there is / Not only can you cook the food / but you can equally divide and provide it / put clothes on the backs / and wash the slacks / cuz you ain’t slackin / you packin instead of lackin / that knowledge that got you here today / because its your power it builds every hour / you walk this mother earth / a mother like you it nurtures and protects / the secrets to this can’t be found in the text- / books / So get that one last look.

Malinalli Media Director Mica Valdez commented, “I was very impressed with Nazshonnii’s maturity, intellect, and previous experience in both poetry and video. Her genuine and humble nature, soft-spoken strength, and value of culture affirmed that many Native youth are exemplary leaders in the community when given the opportunity. I’m looking forward to building with her.”

To find out more about the anthology Turtle Island to Abya Yala, visit on the web http://machafemme.tumblr.com or follow us online at http://malinallipress.blogspot.com.

About Mallinalli Media
Malinalli Media is a Native-led media organization that supports the creation and distribution of indigenous stories throughout Abya Yala, also known as the continent America. Founded in 2012, Malinalli Media promotes Native storytellers using the Internet and public radio through written article and video production. The first project will focus on interviews of poets and artists from the anthology Turtle Island to Abya Yala. Malinalli Media is located in the San Francisco/Bay Area and offers media internships to Native American/First Nations women.

About Turtle Island to Abya Yala
Turtle Island to Abya Yala is a new love anthology of colorful art and poetry that includes the work of over 60 Native American and Latina women. The book is a testimony to the Eagle and Condor prophecy that Native peoples will one day re-unite as one.  Published in 2011, this is the first book project by Malinalli Press. For more information on Turtle Island to Abya Yala, visit http://machafemme.tumblr.com or follow us on-line at http://turtleislandtoabyayala.wordpress.com.

About American Indian Child Resource Center & Living by Sacred Colors Program
AICRC is a non-profit, social services, youth services, and Indian education agency serving urban Indian children and their families in the Bay Area for over 38 years.  Living by Sacred Colors is a culturally based youth empowerment program offering Native American young people tools, education, resources and guidance in life skills, job readiness, and entrepreneurship through classes, academic support, internships and case management. For more information on AICRC, visit http://www.aicrc.org.

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